last call to join the birthday experiment 2011!

find out more at

something personal (actually i think i hinted at this a few weeks ago): my birthday is less than two weeks away and i since i have everything i need and more, it’d be really happy if instead of a present, you could me with my birthday experiment:

i’m fundraising for east africa, because i think lots of people are willing to pitch in, but you just need is a little nudge to actually do it. this is the link:

please participate, share via social media and tell others how easy it was to do it!

charity:water was founded by scott harrison who went from nightclub promoter to changemaker (long story). i like this organization for it’s non-traditional and innovative style, look and feel. highly design-focused for high-impact communication. check out this great video:

in germany, there’s the similar viva con agua from benny adrion, a former soccer player. i’m going to sponsor one of these two organizations with my next birthday party!

[EDIT: nice viva con agua video]